With Highly Trained Bedbug Exterminators in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Long Island (Nassau County), getting rid of your bed bug problems is easier than ever.

Bedbugs Extermination

Magic has been on the forefront of the bedbug explosion in New York City and Long Island, dealing with some of the most severe cases recorded. This experience has allowed us to create our own protocols of treatment developed under the most difficult conditions. We learned what is effective and our overall strategies of inspection, preparation and treatment can eliminate bedbugs from even the worst infestations.


This is a critical first step, not only to assess the current level of infestation; this is the opportunity to begin the dialogue with the homeowner about the upcoming process. Our inspectors all have over a decade of experience in pest management and are kept up to date with monthly training seminars.

When we arrive for your inspection we are prepared with both professional tools and the knowledge to diagnose any pest problem. Every consumer should take into consideration the ability and knowledge of the inspector initially sent to your home; this is an indication of how that company does their work. Our inspectors all have professional grade flashlights, especially important for bedbug inspections as they nest in the tiniest cracks.

After our thorough inspection our findings are fully explained and left in writing, we want our customers to understand the treatment we are recommending and the preparation that is necessary.


Successful treatments begin with access and this can only be accomplished with preparation. Magic has developed a comprehensive preparation sheet for our customers; our goal at Magic is to form a partnership with our clients. We have learned from experience that an educated and prepared consumer will be a satisfied and bedbug free customer.


Magic has specially trained teams dedicated for bedbug work and always sends two technicians at the minimum. We come fully equipped to complete the treatment within one day and utilize vacuums and dry steam machines for every bedbug clean-up.

Magic is also the only company in the New York area with a fumigation chamber. This is especially useful for clients with severe infestations; we can fumigate furniture, clothing and all customer items and coordinate this with your treatment to cause minimal inconvenience. Having this option has proven invaluable for our customers; items that would normally be thrown away can be fumigated and saved. One of the advantages of chamber fumigation is the 100% certainty that every stage of insect life is eliminated.

Magic has all the tools that are effective in the treatment of bedbugs; this arsenal is really the difference between us and any other company. Consumers that research bedbugs and treatment options choose Magic Exterminating and we urge all New Yorkers to make an educated decision when choosing a pest management firm.

We have included some information from the University of Kentucky and if you suspect bedbugs in your home or apartment, call or email one of our pest control experts and understand the true meaning of the childhood rhyme. "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite."

Combat Bedbugs Safely (Green Exterminating)

Magic continues to strive to make pest extermination as environmentally friendly as possible. Following the research guidelines set by several major university studies Magic has built a heat chamber as a solution to bed bugs and wood destroying insects in the safest way possible. With the Heat Chamber, Magic can successfully eliminate these pests without the use of chemicals. This is accomplished by placing the infested belongings (Mattress, Dressers, Clothing, Electronics and Wood Furniture) inside the chamber and gradually raising the heat within the chamber and of the belongings. Learn more about our green exterminating project, and fill out our free estimate quote to learn how Magic can help get rid of Bed Bugs in your home today!

University of Kentucky information on Bed Bugs

Common NYC Pests

Bedbug Magic Exterminators also takes care of other common pests found in New York City include the bed bug, rodents (including rats and mice), cockroaches (roach infestation can be a major problem in NYC), and Water bugs. If you're having trouble identifying a specific problem, use Magic's Pest Identification Webpage to learn more about your pest

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